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Play real music & have fun! Don’t miss out the carefully chosen songs which represent different era & genre of the pop & rock history. They are well transcription from the legendary recordings. With the top British session players & studio, you could enjoy a high quality music accompaniment, and rock with a full band anytime.

No scales, sight reading & aural test for this exam. The only thing besides the songs is a session skill test, either “playback” or “improvisation”. Lastly, whether you are exam orientated or not, this is a great collection of pop & rock tunes to brush up some down-to-earth music skills.



這考試更不要求練音階、會話等等。除了考試曲目外,只需要選擇其中一樣技能測試,“playback”聽完照彈 或 “improvisation”跟chord即興彈奏。 最後,無論你想考試與否,這些聖三一系列的歌曲總能很實際地提升你的音樂造詣

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