ABRSM Jazz 英國皇家

What is a “Jazz Piano” syllabus?

Either you are a classical player, a play-by-ear hobbyist, or a absolute beginner, this course is for you. This is a structural and well organized course to dig into the mysterious Jazz style of music. First of all, the students will learn to reproduce a given song. This is nothing special but any other syllabus will demand the same thing, copy-and-paste the playing. After that, Jazz Piano demands an embellishment to the playing. Students will learn the knowledge and technique to copy-modify-then-paste, for a better and more “alive” playing. Moreover, improvisation is a must-have for any jazz performance. There are systematic ways to train up the students to create new things. Students who learn Jazz Piano will be able to explore their own playing, empowered by the skills of jazz tradition.



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